Hesai Drives the Future of ADAS with Groundbreaking Lidar Technology and R&D Center

Hesai Technology has made waves in the autonomous driving industry with the launch of two revolutionary new LiDAR products and the completion of its state-of-the-art R&D center, Maxwell. These advancements position Hesai as a leader in LiDAR innovation and pave the way for safer and more efficient transportation systems.

Unmatched Performance and Resolution:

Hesai’s flagship product, the AT512, boasts an industry-leading range of 300 meters at 10% reflectivity, with a maximum range exceeding 400 meters. Its record 12.3 million points per second point rate translates to the highest resolution point cloud among any LiDAR manufacturer, enabling vehicles to detect objects at long distances with exceptional clarity. This translates to a 40% increase in reaction time for ADAS systems, significantly improving road safety.

Sleek Design and Easy Integration:

The ET25, an ultra-thin LiDAR designed for windshield mounting, offers powerful performance in a revolutionary package. Its 250-meter range and CES Innovation Award recognition speak volumes about its capabilities. The ET25 simplifies vehicle integration, maintains aerodynamics, and protects the sensor from dirt and debris. Production is set to begin in Q1 2025, making it a readily available solution for automakers.

Maxwell: Revolutionizing R&D and Manufacturing:

Hesai’s dedication to innovation extends beyond its products. The 740,000 square foot Maxwell facility is a testament to the company’s commitment to advanced R&D and efficient manufacturing. Equipped with the world’s most advanced LiDAR testing lab and a network of smart industrial robots, Maxwell automates over 100 production processes with a 90% success rate and a 45-second cycle time per LiDAR unit. This intelligent system ensures precise tracking and control throughout the production chain, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Driving Lidar Adoption Forward:

Hesai’s recent achievements, including a LiDAR design win with a leading global OEM and exceeding 300,000 cumulative unit deliveries, demonstrate its growing influence in the automotive industry. With 15 leading OEMs and tier-1 suppliers choosing Hesai’s LiDAR technology for over 50 series production models, the company is poised to drive widespread LiDAR adoption and revolutionize the future of transportation.


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