Haomo Unveils Pioneering ADAS for Urban Roads

BEIJING – Chinese autonomous driving company Haomo.AI Technology Co., Ltd. showcased its urban version of NOH (Navigation on HPilot) at the Chengdu Motor Show held from August 26 to 29 in Southwestern China’s Sichuan Province.

Gu Weihao, CEO of Haomo, introduced the urban NOH, an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that includes automatic lane following, turning and parking functions suited for urban open roads, expressways, parking lots and highways, on Great Wall Motor’s Wey Mocca DHT-PHEV LiDAR Edition at the auto show on August 26.

“By rolling out urban NOH, Haomo will provide convenience and pleasure of autonomous driving to more and more car owners, which in turn will help Haomo maintain its position as the No 1 company in China in providing autonomous driving solutions for mass-produced passenger vehicles,” he said.

Haomo’s ADAS products have already helped drivers travel more than 15 million kilometers across the country.

“GWM Wey Mocca will be the first mass-produced passenger vehicle carrying the urban NOH in China,” said Qiao Xinyu, vice-general manager of the GWM Wey brand, at the motor show.

The urban NOH in fact marks the third generation of Haomo’s ADAS product, before which was the highway assist (HWA) and highway version of NOH, which can pilot a vehicle to drive from point A to point B based on the navigation route set by users with the help of high-definition maps.

Compared with HWA and the highway version of NOH, the urban NOH relies more on visual perception rather than on high-definition maps to enable self-driving of the vehicle. The NOH incorporates Haomo’s in-house developed data intelligence system MANA, Qualcomm’s 5nm and 7nm chips to provide computing power up to 360 TOPs and as many as 31 sensors, including 2 LiDARs, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars and 12 high-definition cameras.

This perception-focused feature of urban NOH can reduce the costs of autonomous driving solutions for automakers and makes it easier for self-driving to be expanded from one city to 100 cities since currently high-definition maps only cover a limited area in China.

Haomo urban NOH will first be applied in Beijing and North China’s Hebei Province’s Baoding before being expanded to 10 cities in all by the end of this year.


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