GM Promotes Assisted Driving Education to Boost Trust

General Motors (GM) has initiated a consumer education campaign named “Hands Free, Eyes On,” aiming to enhance users’ understanding and acceptance of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The endeavor is part of GM’s broader pledge to safely implement these technologies, including innovations like Super Cruise, with the ultimate goal of promoting their widespread adoption.

Why It Matters

The success of GM’s vision for zero-accident driving hinges significantly on increased adoption of ADAS. This move by the automotive giant reflects the industry’s need to not only advance technology but also to foster an environment of understanding, trust, and confidence around these systems among consumers.

Key Points

The “Hands Free, Eyes On” program aims to:

  • Illustrate the current state of ADAS, from active safety to hands-free features such as Super Cruise. All of these require the driver’s unceasing focus on the road.
  • Make clear the driver’s responsibility in operating a hands-free enabled vehicle. Even though the hands might be free, the eyes need to be constantly on the road.
  • Share knowledge about ADAS capabilities and proper usage, emphasizing the commitment to safe deployment.

GM’s approach to safe deployment of ADAS involves:

  • Rigorous testing and validation.
  • Incorporation of a wide array of sensor technologies.
  • Driver attention systems in technologies.
  • Keeping maps updated by monitoring roads and collaborating with public sector entities.
  • Widespread education for consumers and stakeholders.

Bottom Line

GM believes in empowering consumers with the necessary information to confidently use and appreciate the benefits of ADAS technologies. As part of the “Hands Free, Eyes On” initiative, GM will provide free ADAS educational resources and best practices through and various GM social media channels, with continuous updates to ensure current and potential users stay informed. The end goal is to increase ADAS adoption, thereby making strides towards the vision of a world with zero crashes.


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