Fortescue and Liebherr Forge Autonomous Haulage Partnership

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Fortescue and Liebherr Mining have announced a partnership to develop and validate a fully integrated Autonomous Haulage Solution (AHS). This initiative aims to achieve the first AHS operating zero-emissions vehicles globally, marking a significant step toward Fortescue’s goal of real zero terrestrial emissions by 2030.

Key Highlights:

  • Collaboration for Zero Emissions: Fortescue aims to lead the industry with zero emissions autonomous haul trucks.
  • Scope of Development: The AHS integrates a Fleet Management System (FMS), onboard autonomy kit for the T 264 truck, and a High Precision Machine Guidance system.
  • Optimizing Operations: The FMS is designed to maximize productivity and minimize carbon emissions through efficient fuel and energy consumption.
  • OEM Agnostic Solution: The system can be integrated with various autonomous platforms, enhancing flexibility and control.
  • Expanding Partnership: This collaboration builds on the partnership initiated in June 2022 to develop zero emissions haulage solutions.

Fortescue’s ongoing efforts to integrate AHS into mining operations have positioned the company at the forefront of industry innovation. Having completed one of the largest fleet conversions to autonomous haulage in 2020, Fortescue is now collaborating with Liebherr to further advance their technological capabilities.

The partnership focuses on developing and testing the new AHS at Fortescue’s iron ore operations. The system combines the Fleet Management System (FMS), an onboard autonomy kit for the T 264 truck, and a High Precision Machine Guidance system for loading equipment. These innovations aim to optimize fleet utilization, boost productivity, and reduce carbon emissions.

Dino Otranto, Chief Executive Officer of Fortescue Metals, highlighted the significance of this collaboration:

“Our deep expertise in autonomous haulage, that has come from operating over 200 diesel autonomous haul trucks across our mine sites, has enabled Fortescue and Liebherr to develop a Fleet Management System that uniquely targets efficiency and unlocks untapped capacity in our fleet.”

Otranto emphasized the partnership’s role in developing OEM agnostic solutions, allowing integration with various autonomous platforms such as trucks, drills, and watercarts, enhancing operational control and flexibility.

Oliver Weiss, EVP R&D, Engineering, and Production at Liebherr Mining, also expressed enthusiasm:

“Liebherr has always prioritised market-led product development and we are privileged to be partnering with Fortescue to collectively develop and deploy this Autonomous Haulage Solution. Our collaborative efforts will be beneficial, not only for Fortescue, but for the entire mining industry.”

The partnership between Fortescue and Liebherr, which began in June 2022, has now evolved to deliver a fully integrated AHS. This initiative marks a significant expansion of their collaboration, leveraging Liebherr’s OEM experience and Fortescue’s advancements in fuel cell battery and battery-electric technology.

This strategic collaboration underscores the commitment of both companies to pioneering sustainable solutions in the mining industry, setting a new standard for zero emissions autonomous haulage.

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