Foresight, Hitachi Astemo Americas to Test and Evaluate Autonomous Driving Systems

Ness Ziona, Israel – Foresight, an innovator in automotive vision systems, announced the signing of an agreement with Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc. (“Hitachi Astemo”) to test and evaluate autonomous driving vision systems (ADAS). Hitachi Astemo is a global Tier One supplier of engine management, electric powertrain and integrated vehicle-control systems for the auto industry.

The paid joint proof of concept project (POC) with Hitachi Astemo calls for the evaluation and testing of simulated and real-life autonomous driving scenarios. The program will pair Foresight QuadSight® and Mono2Stereo™ technologies with existing Hitachi Astemo camera systems in an effort to improve distance measurement and object detection.

The project with Hitachi Astemo follows the successful evaluation of a QuadSight vision system prototype reported by the Company in March 2021.

Foresight’s proprietary Mono2Stereo software-based solution uses the overlapping views of existing cameras with different fields of vision to create a three-dimensional stereo-vision system to improve object detection.

“We are excited to be involved in another auto industry POC project,” said Haim Siboni, CEO of Foresight. “Having been chosen by Hitachi Astemo, a major supplier of automotive stereo vision systems, underlines the importance of stereoscopic technology in the enhancement of existing ADAS systems and the technology’s ability to amplify their performance, provide better distance accuracy and offer more robust active safety features. Our solutions can be readily deployed in vehicles equipped with Level 2 and Level 2-plus autonomy systems without requiring additional hardware and design changes. We believe that teaming up with Hitachi Astemo could potentially lead to further collaboration with other automotive OEMs as well.”


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