Florida Poly and TalTech Elevate Autonomous Vehicle Research

Florida Polytechnic University and Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) in Estonia have advanced their collaborative research in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, four years after initiating their groundbreaking partnership. The collaboration has yielded significant outcomes, including the creation of PolyVerif, an open-source platform for AV technology testing and validation.

Why It Matters

The partnership consolidates the strengths of both institutions, combining Florida Poly’s proficiency in AV validation and verification with TalTech’s expertise in implementing AV technology on shuttles using open-source software. As a result, PolyVerif offers an innovative research platform that aims to accelerate problem-solving in AV safety, which is a pressing concern for the broader transportation industry.

Key Points

  • Open-Source Platform: PolyVerif enables testing and validation for autonomous vehicle technologies by offering new tools in an open-source environment.
  • Real-world Impact: Research outcomes have already been leveraged by the Jacksonville Transportation Authority, through their ongoing collaboration with Florida Poly’s Advanced Mobility Institute (AMI).
  • Commercial Spinoff: TalTech’s initial research led to the formation of Auvetech, a commercial venture offering global AV shuttles.
  • Funding and Recognition: The collaborative research contributed to securing a National Science Foundation grant for Florida Poly’s AMI and has sparked international attention, including talks sponsored by the Baltic American Freedom Foundation.

Bottom Line

The collaboration between Florida Poly and TalTech serves as a model for global research partnerships, focusing on addressing critical safety challenges in autonomous vehicle technology. By fostering an exchange of knowledge, resources, and skills, the partnership has created actionable solutions with real-world impact, setting the stage for future advancements in the AV field.


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