EXEED Partners with Mobileye for Innovation

EXEED, the luxury brand of Chery Auto, is set to revolutionize the Chinese automotive market with its latest technological advancement. In collaboration with Mobileye and WBTL ADAS, EXEED is launching the first-ever Cloud-Enhanced Driver-Assist™ system in China, specifically in their Exeed VX model. This announcement marks a significant milestone in automotive safety and technology.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cloud-Enhanced Driver-Assist System: The innovative system in the EXEED VX offers continuous updates, allowing vehicles to adapt to diverse driving conditions.
  • Enhanced Safety in Complex Conditions: Especially effective in poor visibility and complicated traffic scenarios, the system aligns with Chery/EXEED’s commitment to safety and technological excellence.
  • Strategic Collaboration: Dr. GAO Jiabing, the Head of Automated Driving at Chery Auto, emphasizes the importance of their partnership with Mobileye and WBTL in advancing automotive safety standards.

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Technology and Launch Details:

  • Mobileye’s REM™ Technology: The cloud-enhanced functions are powered by Mobileye’s cutting-edge REM™ technology.
  • Launch and Coverage: Set for a February 2024 launch, the system will support over 37 cities in China by the first quarter of 2024, with plans for extensive national coverage.
  • Unique Features: Capabilities include lane-keeping on roads without clear lane markings and speed adaptation.

Elie Luskin, VP and China Managing Director at Mobileye, highlights the significance of this launch with Chery/EXEED, noting its impact on driver and road safety, and its alignment with Mobileye’s crowd-based technology.

About EXEED & Chery Auto:

EXEED, established by Chery Auto in 2017, epitomizes luxury and innovation in Chery’s automotive range. Known for premium SUVs like the TX, VX, and LX, EXEED reflects a dedication to advanced technology and sustainable mobility. Its flagship electric car concept, EXLANTIX, underscores this commitment. With its roots in European technology and a global team of experts, EXEED operates an R&D center in Frankfurt and collaborates with top companies in Europe and America. Its expanding product matrix and global market presence in regions like Central Europe, the Middle East, and South America position EXEED as a top choice for high-end consumers.

About Mobileye:

A leader in autonomous driving and driver-assistance technologies, Mobileye (Nasdaq: MBLY) has been at the forefront of the mobility revolution since 1999. Its innovations in computer vision, AI, mapping, and data analysis have made significant strides in ADAS and AV fields, contributing to safer and more efficient mobility solutions. With its technology in over 150 million vehicles globally, Mobileye continues to redefine the future of mobility.


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