ECARX Powers Geely’s New Electric SUV

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ECARX Holdings Inc., a global mobility tech provider, has announced that its Antora 1000 computing platform will power Geely’s Galaxy E5 SUV. This move marks a significant milestone for both companies, as the Galaxy E5, the first pure electric SUV in the Geely Galaxy series, debuts today.

Key Highlights:

  • High-Performance Computing: The ECARX Antora 1000 is based on the 7nm SE1000 SoC, offering 100K DMIPS and 900G FLOPS graphics rendering capability.
  • Integrated Digital Cockpit and Parking: The platform seamlessly integrates digital cockpit and parking capabilities, enhancing the in-car experience.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: By combining these features on a single board, Geely can reduce material costs without compromising safety or efficiency.
  • Seamless Connectivity: The Antora 1000 supports integration with Flyme Auto, providing seamless connectivity between the digital cockpit and smartphones.

The ECARX Antora 1000 computing platform, featuring a high-performance 7nm SE1000 SoC, will power Geely’s Galaxy E5 SUV. This platform delivers 100K DMIPS and 900G FLOPS graphics rendering capability through its industry-leading multi-core heterogeneous architecture. The integration of digital cockpit and parking capabilities onto one board significantly reduces the bill of materials costs for Geely while maintaining safety and efficiency. Furthermore, the Antora 1000’s support for Flyme Auto ensures seamless connectivity between the vehicle’s digital cockpit and smartphones.

Ziyu Shen, ECARX Chairman and CEO, emphasized the growing demand for their cutting-edge computing platforms. He stated, “Demand for our cutting-edge computing platforms is growing as automakers increasingly recognize the significant value our solutions offer. The Antora 1000 not only provides a smooth and enjoyable driving experience for Geely users, but also lowers engineering costs, allowing Geely to rapidly bring the vehicles to market. Our unique ecosystem of partnerships with the likes of SiEngine plays a critical role in driving technological innovation across the industry.”

About ECARX:

ECARX is a global automotive technology provider capable of delivering turnkey solutions for next-generation smart vehicles. Their expertise ranges from the system on a chip (SoC) to central computing platforms and software. As automakers develop new electric vehicle architectures, ECARX focuses on enhancing the user experience while reducing complexity and cost.

Founded in 2017 and listed on the Nasdaq in 2022, ECARX employs over 2,000 people across major locations in China, the UK, the USA, Sweden, Germany, and Malaysia. Co-founders Ziyu Shen and Eric Li, the latter also the founder and chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, have established partnerships with prominent automakers such as FAW and Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroën. ECARX products are currently utilized in over 6.4 million vehicles worldwide.

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