Dynamic Research and Inc. Launches Advanced Soft Pedestrian 360 for Efficient ADAS Testing

Dynamic Research, Inc. and its sister company have announced the launch of the Soft Pedestrian 360, the latest product in their growing range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) targets. The product launch will be accompanied by a webinar on February 9th, hosted by Jordan Silberling, Product Development Director at Dynamic Research. During the webinar, Silberling will discuss the market need for a more advanced pedestrian target and the design features of the new Soft Pedestrian 360.

One of the key features of the Soft Pedestrian 360 is its realistic movement, achieved through active articulation of the limbs. Additionally, the target has been designed to minimize the risk of damage to test vehicles, with softened contact points and a motion servo design that prevents back drive during impacts. The target is also compliant with ISO 19206 Part 2 and has a long battery charge for uninterrupted testing.

Joseph Kelly, Chief Engineer at Dynamic Research, explains that damage to test vehicles during ADAS testing can greatly increase the cost of testing. To reduce the potential for damage, the Soft Pedestrian 360 has been designed with compliance in mind, with the minimization of external hardpoints and a modular design that reduces the mass of individual components that could cause damage during impacts.

The durability of the Soft Pedestrian 360 has also been improved, with a slipper clutch that stops the servos from being back-driven during collisions and a hard-wearing fabric clothing that prevents the foam core from being worn away or torn. The gait of the target can also be synchronized with the position, speed, and acceleration of the target relative to a starting point, providing increased realism during testing.

According to Kelly, the design of the Soft Pedestrian 360 has been influenced by the hundreds of tests conducted annually and aims to reduce test vehicle damage and improve the efficiency of ADAS testing. The product has been designed by test engineers, for test engineers, with the goal of making ADAS testing as efficient as possible.


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