and Serve Robotics Partner for Fleet Deployment

Sign up for our weekly emails to stay up to date on the latest news!, a prominent provider of connectivity platforms for autonomous vehicles, and Serve Robotics, a leading provider of autonomous delivery robots, have announced the integration of’s connectivity platform into Serve’s fleet. This partnership aims to enhance the performance of Serve’s autonomous delivery robots, which are being deployed on the Uber Eats platform.

Key Highlights

  • Deployment of’s Connectivity Platform: Serve Robotics integrates’s connectivity platform to enhance remote monitoring and performance.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: The platform supports Serve’s goal to deploy up to 2,000 robots, improving resilience and operational efficiency.
  • Evaluation and Decision: Serve chose for its reliable, low-latency connectivity, cloud computing access, and Nvidia Jetson platform support.
  • Executive Insights: Statements from Dmitry Demeshchuk, Co-founder and VP of Software Engineering at Serve, and Alon Podhurst, CEO of, highlight the partnership’s strategic importance.

Serve Robotics, a company backed by Uber and NVIDIA, specializes in AI-powered, low-emissions delivery robots. Having completed tens of thousands of deliveries for partners like Uber Eats and 7-Eleven, Serve aims to revolutionize the delivery sector with scalable, sustainable solutions. and Serve Robotics Partner for Fleet Deployment’s platform was chosen after a comprehensive evaluation process, standing out for its reliable, low-latency, and uninterrupted connectivity. This allows Serve’s robots to share real-time telemetry, access cloud computing, and enable remote supervision. The native support for the Nvidia Jetson platform, which enhances video quality and reduces network bandwidth and latency, was a critical factor in the decision.

Dmitry Demeshchuk emphasized the necessity of leveraging world-class technology partners like to achieve their goal of deploying thousands of robots efficiently. “DriveU’s connectivity platform will help us improve the resilience and performance of our fleet, unlock operational efficiencies, and realize economies of scale as we pursue mass market autonomous delivery,” he stated.

Alon Podhurst expressed gratitude for the partnership with Serve Robotics, highlighting’s commitment to safe and efficient large-scale rollouts of driverless fleets. “Connectivity is a critical element in every driverless vehicle. Our expanding roster of commercial partnerships is a testament to DriveU’s leading position in enabling AV operations.”

Serve Robotics, which became an independent company after spinning off from Uber in 2021, focuses on developing advanced delivery robots to make delivery services more sustainable and economical. With multi-year contracts and agreements to deploy thousands of delivery robots across the U.S., Serve is positioned to significantly impact the delivery industry.

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