Driverless Cars: Insuring the Future

MarketWatch Guides has recently unveiled a comprehensive study, focusing on the future of car insurance in the era of driverless vehicles. This research, forming part of their “Future of Car Insurance” series, offers an in-depth look into how the advent of autonomous vehicles (AVs) will reshape the landscape of auto insurance.

Why It Matters

The progression of AV technology is rapidly outpacing the insurance industry’s capacity to adapt. This pivotal study highlights the impending need for a significant shift in liability, moving from drivers to the manufacturers or software developers of AV technology. This change not only challenges traditional insurance models but also necessitates new approaches in state insurance regulations and underwriting processes. Additionally, as AVs become more prevalent, the study anticipates a rise in repair costs coupled with a potential decline in car ownership rates.

Key Points

  • The MarketWatch Guides article is the third in a series focusing on the “Future of Car Insurance.”
  • It discusses the emerging challenges faced by auto insurers due to the rise of autonomous driving technology.
  • A significant shift in liability from drivers to automakers or AV technology providers is expected.
  • Changes in state insurance regulation and underwriting valuations are anticipated.
  • An increase in repair costs and a possible decrease in car ownership rates are foreseen.
  • Experts from The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE®) classify autonomous driving into six levels, ranging from fully human-operated to fully autonomous.
  • Mercedes-Benz is poised to launch the first Level 3 autonomous vehicles in California and Nevada.
  • Waymo‘s head of risk and insurance, Tilla Gode, likens AV insurance to fleet insurance, indicating a shift in liability from human drivers to the autonomous system.

Bottom Line

The transition to driverless cars represents a significant paradigm shift in the auto insurance sector. This MarketWatch Guides study underscores the necessity for the insurance industry to evolve, adapting to new liabilities, regulations, and risks inherent in AV technology. As the industry stands on the brink of this technological revolution, these insights offer a valuable perspective on the future of auto insurance in a world of autonomous vehicles.

Read the full report on MarketWatch Guides for a comprehensive understanding of these impending changes.

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