Cyngn’s 21st U.S. Patent Secured

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Cyngn Inc. announced the notice of allowance for a new patent enhancing its autonomous vehicle (AV) solutions. This patent introduces an adaptive decision-making method to improve AV operations in real-world environments, responding dynamically to detected objects. This significant milestone underscores Cyngn’s commitment to innovation and strengthens its intellectual property portfolio.

Key Highlights:

  • 21st U.S. Patent: The new patent focuses on adaptive decision-making for AVs, improving their response to detected objects.
  • Advanced Sensor Technology: AVs use sensors to scan and understand surroundings, applying driving rules based on detected objects.
  • Commitment to Innovation: Cyngn secured 16 U.S. patents in 2023, reflecting the expertise of its technical team.
  • Broad Initiatives: Recent advancements include NVIDIA-powered Computer Vision Technology and the 20th patent notice in April.
  • Strengthened IP Portfolio: The new patent enhances Cyngn’s intellectual property, reinforcing its position in autonomous innovation.

“Achieving the Notice of Allowance for our 21st U.S. patent highlights our unwavering commitment to innovation in autonomous vehicle technology,” remarked Lior Tal, Chairman and CEO of Cyngn. “In 2023 alone, we secured 16 U.S. patents. This milestone underscores the dedication and expertise of our exceptional technical team.”

A Notice of Allowance marks a step forward in the patent application process. Upon completion, this patent will bolster Cyngn’s intellectual property portfolio.

About Cyngn:

Cyngn develops and deploys scalable, differentiated autonomous vehicle technology for industrial organizations. The company’s self-driving solutions enable workforces to enhance productivity and efficiency, addressing labor shortages, safety incidents, and increased consumer demand for eCommerce.

  • DriveMod Kit: Can be installed on new industrial vehicles at end of line or via retrofit, allowing seamless adoption of self-driving technology without high upfront costs.
  • Enterprise Autonomy Suite: Includes DriveMod (autonomous vehicle system), Cyngn Insight (fleet management, teleoperation, and analytics tools), and Cyngn Evolve (internal toolkit for AI, simulation, and modeling).

Cyngn’s innovative solutions and continuous advancements position it at the forefront of the autonomous vehicle industry, driving progress and efficiency for industrial organizations.

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