Cruise for Good Launches Pilot Program for Late-Night Service and Hospitality Workers

What’s Happening: Cruise for Good, an initiative by autonomous vehicle (AV) company Cruise, is launching a pilot program to provide free rides for late-night service and hospitality workers in San Francisco.

Why It Matters: This pilot aims to address the transportation challenges faced by late-night workers, who often have limited safe and affordable options for commuting during off-peak hours. The program also highlights Cruise’s ongoing commitment to giving back to the communities it serves.

Key Points:

  • Cruise for Good initially focused on addressing food insecurity during the pandemic, delivering over 2.3 million meals in partnership with San Francisco-Marin Food Bank and SF New Deal.
  • The new pilot program is in collaboration with SF New Deal and seeks to leverage Cruise’s driverless fleet for nighttime transportation.
  • Simon Bertrang, Executive Director of SF New Deal, emphasizes the importance of understanding transportation needs to support under-resourced small businesses and strengthen neighborhoods.

Bottom Line: Cruise for Good’s pilot program is a step towards exploring lasting transportation solutions for late-night workers and underserved communities. The initiative will start small and use rider and partner feedback to inform future expansion.