Covenant, Aurora To Collaborate on Long-Haul Trucking

The two companies will explore the integration and deployment of Aurora Horizon within Covenant’s operations to haul freight safely and reliably.

PITTSBURGH – Aurora Innovation and Covenant Logistics Group have announced a collaboration to explore ways to optimize Covenant’s long-haul operations with Aurora’s autonomous trucking product.

The two companies will explore the integration and deployment of Aurora Horizon within Covenant’s operations. Part of Covenant’s diversified services is long-haul trucking, making the benefits of autonomous technology in its network especially attractive. A hybrid model that blends trucks driven by humans with trucks driven autonomously would allow Covenant to realize the best of both and potentially expand its business with a combination of rapid, high-efficiency autonomous transport on long-haul routes and flexible human navigation at the endpoints.

The collaboration will initially focus on driving value, efficiency, and education by:

  • Identifying the lanes where the Aurora Driver can make the biggest impact while improving driver quality of life.
  • Optimizing fuel efficiency and maximizing the up-time of Covenant’s fleet with Aurora Horizon, built for 24/7/365 operation.
  • Collaborating on how to effectively educate the transportation and logistics industry on the benefits of autonomous technology, especially on long-haul lanes.

“Covenant is excited to be collaborating with Aurora on autonomous technology to find ways to further improve efficiency within the supply chain for our drivers, customers, environment, and industry,” said Joey Hogan, President of Covenant. “We believe this technology has the potential to optimize operations and reduce fuel consumption while also helping our drivers, both in safety and quality of life. We are looking forward to working with Aurora to realize the expected potential of this autonomous technology.”

“Covenant has built an extraordinary business in expedited shipping that will benefit from a product that safely, reliably, and tirelessly hauls goods at all hours of the day,” said Sterling Anderson, Aurora’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “We’re designing Aurora Horizon to excel in applications like these and we’re happy to partner with a leading expedited carrier in Covenant to fine-tune and integrate it with their business.”


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