Clevon Taps T-Mobile as Connectivity Provider for US Autonomous Robot Carriers

What’s Happening: Clevon, a leading company in autonomous deliveries, has announced that T-Mobile will be the preferred connectivity provider for its fleet of Autonomous Robot Carriers (ARCs) in the United States. Under the long-term agreement, T-Mobile will offer IoT solutions for Clevon’s latest ARC, the electric, multifunctional CLEVON 1, which is designed to provide reliable, safe, and efficient on-demand driverless delivery services.

Why It Matters: Clevon has already established itself as a pioneer in driverless deliveries in Europe, and this partnership with T-Mobile will allow the company to bring its innovative services to US retailers, grocery stores, logistics providers, and more. Leveraging T-Mobile’s award-winning network and IoT solutions, Clevon will enhance the efficiency, affordability, and sustainability of its autonomous delivery platform in the US.

Clevon Taps T-Mobile as Connectivity Provider for US Autonomous Robot Carriers

Key Points:

  • The CLEVON 1 utilizes cameras, radar, and other sensors to enable rapid mapping and remote operation capabilities, along with autonomous driving technologies connected via T-Mobile IoT.
  • The last-mile delivery market is expected to grow nearly five times to $57 billion within the next six years.
  • The company’s partnership with T-Mobile will reduce the time it takes to prepare commercial services, increase accuracy for customers, and support autonomous driving and remote operations capabilities.
  • In 2020, Clevon became the first company to offer commercial autonomous delivery services and operate ARCs on European public roads.

Bottom Line: Clevon’s partnership with T-Mobile marks a significant milestone for the company as it expands its presence in the US market. By combining Clevon’s expertise in autonomous delivery with T-Mobile’s network and IoT capabilities, this collaboration will make the promise of autonomous last-mile commercial deliveries in the US a reality today. The CLEVON 1, capable of serving up to six destinations in a single trip, will help reshape the future of last-mile delivery, offering improved safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.


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