Cepton Collaborates with NVIDIA to Integrate Vista-X120 Plus Lidar into DRIVE Sim

What’s Happening

Cepton, Inc., a leading company in high-performance lidar solutions, has announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to integrate its Vista-X120 Plus lidar into DRIVE Sim, an end-to-end simulation platform built on Omniverse. This collaboration expands on Cepton’s previous integrations of its automotive lidar models for the development and testing of autonomous driving algorithms, sensors, and software.

Why It Matters

As a member of the Omniverse ecosystem, Cepton’s integration of the Vista-X120 Plus model provides automakers and autonomous vehicle (AV) developers with access to simulated sensor data from this award-winning adaptive lidar. This data can be used to further develop their technology and accelerate the automotive industry’s transformation towards safer, smarter, and greener mobility.

Key Points

The Vista-X120 Plus model offers ultra-high resolution and long range. Its integration into the Omniverse ecosystem also features a software-definable region of interest (ROI), which allows the lidar to achieve an optimized balance between performance and power efficiency across different driving scenarios.

Dr. Dongyi Liao, Chief Technology Officer at Cepton, emphasizes the adaptive 3D perception capabilities of the Vista-X120 Plus, stating that the software-definable ROI makes it an extremely flexible and versatile solution for assisted and autonomous driving.

Brunno Moretti, Vice President of Product, highlights the importance of digitalization in the automotive industry, and how the high-fidelity Vista-X120 Plus simulation on NVIDIA DRIVE Sim can help automotive customers accelerate development efforts while saving costs on physical installation and testing.

Zvi Greenstein, General Manager at NVIDIA, comments on the addition of the Cepton Vista-X120 Plus lidar model to NVIDIA Omniverse, stating that it provides greater flexibility to AV developers, accelerating technology development and reducing cost.

Bottom Line

Cepton’s collaboration with NVIDIA to integrate its Vista-X120 Plus lidar into DRIVE Sim represents a significant advancement in lidar deployment for the automotive industry. This integration offers automakers and AV developers greater access to simulated sensor data, helping them accelerate their development efforts and reduce costs. The Vista-X120 Plus model’s ultra-high resolution, long range, and software-definable ROI make it an ideal solution for a wide range of assisted and autonomous driving applications.


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