Behind the Scenes with Mobileye’s Elite AV Test Driver Team

As autonomous vehicle technology advances, the era of mobility is transforming, providing drivers with new options on how to spend their commuting time. Mobileye, the leading supplier of vision-based advanced driver-assistance systems, is at the forefront of this transformation. However, few people know about the role of the pioneers who ensured that these vehicles were safe, reliable, and ready for widespread consumer adoption.

Mobileye’s Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Test Driver Team is an elite group of professional drivers who play an essential role in making Mobileye’s “eyes-off/hand-off” vision a reality. This team comprises race car driving instructors who have found that their driving expertise provides them with the unique set of skills required for honing one of the greatest technological advancements of our time – self-driving cars.

Safety is the team’s top priority, and they ensure that AVs using Mobileye technology feel comfortable and natural to ride. The AV test drivers of Mobileye emphasize that the art of car racing has taught them to drive at a level of safety that is much higher than most drivers. Their expertise in handling a vehicle under pressure enables them to understand and test the limits of an autonomous vehicle in a public environment while protecting pedestrians, passengers, other drivers, and themselves.

After every drive, the AV test drivers upload data, notes, and video footage from the drive to the issue-tracking system, providing valuable feedback to the development team. This feedback enables Mobileye’s development team to consistently improve the technology, making it essential to getting Mobileye’s technology ready for market.

Being an AV test driver is a dream come true for these professionals, who love cars and see AVs as a way to reduce accidents, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. With improved traffic flow and fewer cars on the road, AVs should reduce not only traffic congestion but also air pollution.

Mobileye’s AV Test Driver Team is instrumental in realizing Mobileye’s vision of a future with smarter automobiles, ensuring that when the autonomous driving technology is rolled out, it’s safe and reliable for everyone.


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