Beep Inc.’s Autonomous Project at UNC Charlotte

Beep Inc., renowned for its autonomous and electric shared mobility solutions, has partnered once more with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to launch a second project. This initiative under the Connected Autonomous Shuttle Supporting Innovation (CASSI) program will introduce shared autonomous transportation to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte). Over the span of six months, this pilot project will offer the university’s community a first-hand experience with the vehicle, testing its efficiency in a genuine campus setting.

Why It Matters

UNC Charlotte and NCDOT are leading the way in embracing cutting-edge technologies to bolster public transportation and cater to evolving needs. According to NCDOT Secretary Eric Boyette, the project underscores the mutual aspiration of both entities to advance the transportation sector using innovative solutions.

Key Points

  • The autonomous shuttle will traverse a six-stop, 2.2-mile route, connecting significant locations like the Popp Martin Student Union, Greek Village, academic structures, dormitories, and the main campus light rail station on the LYNX Blue Line.
  • The LYNX Blue Line spans 18 miles, featuring 26 stations that link users to 11 park-and-ride amenities and directly to the UNC Charlotte grounds.
  • This shuttle service, when combined with Beep’s autonomous offering, presents riders with augmented access to pre-existing campus transportation.
  • This UNC Charlotte project exemplifies NCDOT’s aspiration to gradually raise the bar for projects under the CASSI umbrella, leveraging past learnings and building upon them.
  • Riders will be invited to partake in a survey, assessing their autonomous shuttle ride experience, with NCDOT leveraging these insights to further refine the service.

Bottom Line

The launch of this pilot echoes a growing trend towards sustainable and technologically-driven solutions in the realm of public transport. With an earlier successful project under its belt in the Town of Cary’s Fred G. Bond Metro Park, Beep’s collaboration with NCDOT is set to redefine the landscape of transportation. As Beep CEO Joe Moye rightly points out, this initiative is not just a step but a leap towards the future of mobility.


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