Autonomous Transport Vehicle Revolutionizes BMW Plant

BMW Group Plant Regensburg has implemented an autonomous transport vehicle, enhancing digitalization and automation in its manufacturing processes. This innovation is a significant stride towards the intelligently connected BMW iFACTORY, with the driverless platform truck autonomously transporting press tools and steel blanks, boasting a payload capacity of up to 55 tonnes. The vehicle’s navigation, facilitated by state-of-the-art sensor technology, ensures precise and autonomous movement within the production facilities, operating at four kilometers per hour.

Key Highlights

  • Introduction of Autonomous Transport Vehicle: BMW Group Plant Regensburg has introduced a groundbreaking driverless platform truck to its press plant.
  • Advanced Sensor Technology: Utilizing LiDAR, camera, and radar sensors, the transport system navigates autonomously and accurately within the plant.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The emission-free electric vehicle boosts efficiency, reduces transport journeys, and improves occupational safety.
  • Innovative LiDAR Technology: The vehicle employs LiDAR technology from Pefra, which scans surroundings to create a 3D image for precise navigation.

LiDAR Technology Integration

The new autonomous vehicle utilizes innovative LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) technology, a crucial component for autonomous driving and automated processes. Tobias Müller, press plant maintenance manager, explains, “LiDAR sensors are a key technology for autonomous driving and automated processes.” This technology, in conjunction with cameras and radar sensors, enhances safety and efficiency by monitoring the environment for obstacle detection and distance measurement.

Production Capabilities at BMW Group Plant Regensburg

The press plant processes around 1,100 tonnes of steel daily, producing 131,000 pressed parts. The production includes 113 different body components, such as structural parts and large outer panel sections like door outer skins and bonnets. The press plant operates one of the world’s fastest presses, capable of exerting a force of 9,000 tonnes, achieving up to 23 strokes per minute. These components are then assembled into vehicle bodies at the nearby body shop.

Sustainability Initiatives

A closed recycling loop at the Regensburg press plant saves approximately 160,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. The plant generates around 80,000 tonnes of offcuts each year, which are recycled into secondary steel, reducing the CO2 footprint significantly. The production facilities are also equipped with sound insulation to minimize noise emissions and vibrations.

Autonomous Transport Vehicle Revolutionizes BMW Plant

BMW Group’s Operational Excellence

BMW Group’s Regensburg and Wackersdorf plants are benchmarks for production technology and operational excellence. Since 1986, the Regensburg plant has been producing up to 1,400 vehicles daily, including BMW X1 and BMW X2 models. The plant flexibly manufactures vehicles with various drive trains, from internal combustion engines to fully-electric models. High-voltage batteries for electric models are also produced locally.

Workforce and Facilities

The Regensburg and Wackersdorf locations employ around 9,250 employees, including over 300 apprentices. BMW Innovation Park Wackersdorf houses the cockpit production and parts supply for overseas plants. The park, originally intended as a nuclear reprocessing facility, now supports several companies and employs around 2,500 people.

BMW Group Plant Regensburg continues to lead in innovation and sustainability, setting new standards in automotive manufacturing.

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