Autonomous Software Giant Oxbotica Rebrands as Oxa Amid Global Expansion Plans

What’s Happening

Oxa, previously known as Oxbotica, a leading player in the autonomous vehicle software space, has officially unveiled its new identity today. This rebranding is an integral part of the company’s growth plan as it gears up to expand its operations in North America and Europe.

Why It Matters

This rebranding embodies Oxa’s global vision and go-to-market strategy, aimed at providing a range of software solutions and services to expedite the benefits of autonomous technology for its customers. The transition signals the company’s readiness to expand its influence and lead the industry in delivering advanced autonomous solutions to various sectors worldwide.

Key Points

Oxa equips businesses with the necessary resources to integrate autonomy into their operations in a safe, secure, and efficient manner. The company’s offerings include the software to power the vehicles, proprietary AI tools such as Oxa MetaDriver to hasten deployment, and cloud-based fleet management tools known as Oxa Hub. These solutions find applicability across numerous industries, from passenger transport and logistics to goods delivery, agriculture, energy, and mining.

Oxa’s CEO, Gavin Jackson, stated, “At a time where organizations grapple with driver shortages, high operational costs, service limitations, and net-zero targets, we possess a unique market opportunity. With our solutions, we can bring the transformative benefits of autonomy to businesses now.”

In a recent Series C funding round, Oxa secured $140 million to deliver its operating system for autonomy to customers globally. Among the investors are Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd, ENEOS Innovation Partners, bp ventures, BGF, Halma, Kiko Ventures (IP Group), Ocado Group, Tencent, Trimble Ventures, Venture Science, and ZF. To date, the business has amassed roughly $225 million in funds.

Bottom Line

Oxa’s rebranding comes as it forges partnerships with major players like Goggo Network and Google Cloud. Goggo Network aims to incorporate Oxa’s self-driving technology into its autonomous electric vehicle fleet across Europe. Meanwhile, with Google Cloud’s assistance in cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity technologies, Oxa will speed up the deployment of its autonomous software platform worldwide.

Founded nine years ago, Oxa has witnessed a significant ascent in the self-driving technology landscape. It has collaborated with various companies, including Ocado Group for autonomous solutions in the online grocery sector, ZF to devise an L4 self-driving system, and bp for autonomous solutions in the energy industry. As it embarks on this new journey as Oxa, the company is set to strengthen its position in the market and redefine the future of autonomous mobility.


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