Autonomous Mobility Innovations Shine at AV Day 2024

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The third annual Autonomous Vehicle Day Conference, hosted at the Jacksonville Transportation Authority Armsdale Test and Learn Facility in Florida, highlighted global industry leaders’ advancements and collaborations. The event, themed “Innovating Mobility,” offered a platform for exchanging insights and forming new partnerships within the autonomous mobility industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Theme: Innovating Mobility
  • Location: Jacksonville Transportation Authority Armsdale Test and Learn Facility, Florida
  • Co-Sponsor: Guident
  • Keynote Speaker: Prof. Paul Newman, Founder and CTO of Oxa
  • Major Focus: Technological advancements, regulatory updates, and market trends in the autonomous vehicle industry

Event Summary: Co-sponsored by Guident, the event attracted pioneers from the autonomous mobility industry, fostering a dynamic environment for innovation and collaboration. The conference has established itself as a cornerstone event, sparking new projects and partnerships.

Keynote Address: “The AV Day 2024 Conference crystallized the path forward for the autonomous vehicle industry: drive driverless somewhere before everywhere, and do it in collaboration with your co-founders, users, builders, and stakeholders in your ecosystem. This event made it abundantly clear that this is the way to succeed, and it showcased Florida’s outsized role in Oxa’s journey and its partnerships,” stated Prof. Paul Newman, the Keynote Speaker.

Event Activities: Attendees participated in engaging sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, covering a range of topics from cutting-edge technological advancements to regulatory updates and market trends. These activities fostered a spirit of innovation and cooperation.

Autonomous Mobility Innovations Shine at AV Day 2024

Opening Remarks: Harald Braun, Executive Chairman and CEO of Guident, emphasized the global collaboration witnessed at the conference: “This year’s AV Day 2024 Conference showcased the power of global collaboration in the autonomous vehicle industry. The presence of international leaders, speakers, and demonstrators underscored the fact that borders do not confine the future of mobility; rather, it is a shared vision that transcends them.”

Future Prospects: Looking ahead, Guident is excited to build on the momentum from AV Day 2024. The company aims to continue uniting industry efforts to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing. The AV Day Conference remains committed to shaping the future of autonomous transportation, revolutionizing how we live and move.

About Guident: Guident commercializes technology to enhance the safety of autonomous vehicles and devices by providing industry-leading remote monitoring, control, assistance, and passenger support services. To learn more, visit Guident.

About The Jacksonville Transportation Authority: The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) is an independent state agency serving Jacksonville and Northeast Florida with multi-modal responsibilities, including mass public transit, road building, and infrastructure enhancement. Services include BRT, regular bus service, paratransit, the St. Johns River Ferry, Skyway APM, and other mobility services in Duval, Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns counties. To learn more, visit JTA.

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