Autonomous Freight Program by Uber and Aurora

Uber Freight and Aurora Innovation are set to democratize autonomous trucking for carriers of all sizes through their new program, Premier Autonomy. This initiative provides early access to over 1 billion of Aurora’s driverless miles to Uber Freight carriers by 2030, aiming to improve utilization and business efficiency. Additionally, Uber Freight will begin driverless hauls on the Dallas-to-Houston route for shippers by the end of 2024.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of Premier Autonomy Program: An industry-first initiative offering early and streamlined access to Aurora’s autonomous driving technology.
  • Strategic Partnership: Continuation of the long-standing partnership between Uber Freight and Aurora Innovation.
  • Driverless Hauls: Uber Freight will commence driverless operations on the Dallas-to-Houston route by late 2024.
  • Efficiency and Utilization: Autonomous technology aims to improve operational efficiency and utilization for carriers.

Premier Autonomy Program Overview

Premier Autonomy is designed to provide Uber Freight carriers with early access to Aurora’s autonomous technology, facilitating a seamless transition to driverless operations. Key benefits of the program include:

  • Subscription to the Aurora Driver: Enabling autonomous freight hauling.
  • Access to Over 1 Billion Driverless Miles: Through 2030, enhancing efficiency and operational capabilities.
  • High Utilization of Autonomous Trucks: Through integration with the Uber Freight platform.

Lior Ron, founder and CEO of Uber Freight, emphasized the transformative potential of autonomous trucks, stating, “Autonomous trucks will make moving goods more efficient, and this industry-first program will help facilitate and accelerate the adoption of autonomous trucks with our carriers.”

Impact on Carriers of All Sizes

The Premier Autonomy program empowers carriers of all sizes to leverage transformative technology for operational enhancement. Currently, a human-driven truck requires two to three days to transport freight from Dallas to Los Angeles. With the Aurora Driver, this trip could be completed in just one day. Aurora’s research suggests that autonomous trucks can be up to 32% more energy-efficient than traditional trucks by optimizing various operational factors such as highway speeds and reducing idle times.

Ossa Fisher, President of Aurora, remarked, “With Uber Freight, we can provide hundreds of carriers priority access to autonomous truck capacity that they wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Commitment to Seamless Integration

Uber Freight and Aurora’s meticulous approach to driverless deployment ensures that qualified carriers can seamlessly access dedicated capacity. The scale and density of Uber Freight’s network, combined with its marketplace technology and expertise, make it the preferred platform for autonomous truck deployment. This deep integration will create a seamless and familiar experience for customers, with Uber Freight identifying suitable shippers for the Aurora Driver to optimize utilization.

The collaboration between Uber Freight and Aurora Innovation through the Premier Autonomy program marks a significant advancement in the logistics industry, promising increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, and enhanced scalability for carriers of all sizes.

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