Aurrigo Tests Autonomous Shuttles in EU Initiative

Aurrigo International PLC is stepping into the limelight of the EU-Funded Living Lab for Autonomous Electric Vehicles project. The company will be integrating its Auto-Shuttle vehicles, initially having a safety driver onboard. The ultimate goal is to transition towards remote supervisor monitoring, heralding a new phase in autonomous public transport.

Why It Matters

The LivingLAPT project aims to advance autonomous public transport by eventually removing the onboard safety driver in favor of remote monitoring. This initiative hopes to cultivate trust in autonomous driving through a comprehensive transnational safety structure while promoting its acceptance and trust. It collaborates closely with a range of stakeholders including citizens, cities, operators, academia, industry, and policy-makers.

Aurrigo Tests Autonomous Shuttles in EU Initiative

Key Points

  • Aurrigo’s Auto-Shuttle vehicles will operate in three European cities: Prague, Brno, and Milton Keynes.
  • The project is a joint effort that includes industry, municipalities, operators, and is spearheaded by University College London (UCL).
  • This project offers participants exposure to various street designs, road conditions, and public perceptions of autonomy. It will also explore integration with trip-planning applications in the participating cities.
  • Aurrigo’s CEO, David Keene, emphasizes the significance of testing in diverse cities, contrasting Prague’s medieval cobbled streets with the contemporary roads of Milton Keynes.
  • Aurrigo’s Auto-Shuttle leverages a combination of LiDAR, cameras, and proprietary software, providing a continuous, 3D, all-weather visualization of its surroundings to boost safety and efficiency.

Bottom Line

The EU’s European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) is funding 90% (€274,820) of Aurrigo’s involvement in the project, with Aurrigo contributing the remaining 10% (€30,506). The anticipated deployment of the Aurrigo Auto-Shuttles is set for 19th September. This collaboration is a monumental stride in Aurrigo’s journey in the realm of autonomous transportation, emphasizing the potential and importance of such technology in reshaping urban transportation.


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