ASI Sells Mining Unit to Epiroc

Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) has divested its ASI Mining business unit to Epiroc, shifting focus towards expanding its Logistics, Agriculture, Construction, and Automotive Testing sectors. The strategic move follows Epiroc’s acquisition of a 34% stake in 2018, leading to their complete ownership. CEO Mel Torrie commended the teams for their role in the successful transition to mass production of automation kits and the enhancement of Mobius® software.

Key Highlights:

  • ASI Mining acquired by Epiroc, who previously held a 34% stake.
  • ASI to focus on expanding Logistics, Agriculture, Construction, and Automotive Testing products.
  • CEO Mel Torrie acknowledges the teams for successful mass production and software expansion.

Epiroc had initially acquired a 34% stake in ASI Mining in 2018. This transaction marks their full ownership of the company, further solidifying their leadership in the mining sector.

ASI’s leading OEM-agnostic autonomy platform has been instrumental in ASI Mining’s rapid success. The sale allows ASI to accelerate the expansion of its product offerings in Logistics, Agriculture, Construction, and Automotive Testing.

Mel Torrie, CEO of ASI, stated, “The exceptional work of the people at ASI and Epiroc made this transaction possible. OEM agnostic automation kits for multiple brands of trucks were transitioned into mass production and ASI’s Mobius® command and control software was expanded to optimize large numbers of automated vehicles around-the-clock from hundreds of miles away.”

With this strategic divestiture, ASI is poised to enhance its focus on innovation and growth in various industrial sectors, leveraging its expertise in automation and vehicle systems. The company aims to drive significant advancements in its core markets, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological development and industry standards.

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