Applied Intuition Introduces Advanced Off-Road Autonomy Solution

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Applied Intuition has launched a groundbreaking off-road autonomy stack, designed to navigate unstructured terrains with advanced AI and machine learning technologies. This new solution aims to enhance operational efficiency and productivity across multiple industries, including automotive, trucking, construction, mining, agriculture, and defense.

Key Highlights

  • Customizable Software Modules: Features the latest AI and ML technology to navigate complex terrains.
  • Industry Applications: Applicable across various sectors including automotive, construction, and defense.
  • Expert Design: Developed by a team knowledgeable in both ML techniques and rugged environment constraints.
  • Operational Efficiency: Addresses manpower reduction and increases productivity.

Off-road autonomy presents significant challenges due to the dynamic and inconsistent nature of off-road terrains. These conditions impact basic autonomous vehicle (AV) functions like obstacle detection and avoidance, posing safety risks and cognitive burdens on operators. Autonomy stacks can mitigate these issues by reducing manpower requirements and enhancing operational efficiency, although they often necessitate complex and costly infrastructure.

To overcome these challenges, Applied Intuition offers a robust off-road autonomy stack that operates on production hardware in real environments. This technology, crafted by experts in machine learning (ML) and rugged environments, comprises individually integrable modules within a customer’s robotics system.

Peter Ludwig, co-founder and CTO of Applied Intuition, stated, “As more industries look to adopt AV technology, we want our software to be at the forefront of off-road autonomy. Our off-road stack combines the latest AI and ML advances with traditional safety and systems expertise to deliver state-of-the-art performance in the most challenging environments. We’re confident our offering will deliver strong value to our customers.”

Key Features of Applied Intuition’s Off-Road Autonomy Stack:

  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Allows vehicles to comprehend rough, unstructured, and unmapped environments without relying on consistent GPS signals.
  • Perception and Object Tracking: Provides a detailed, real-time view of surrounding environments, including semantic understanding and 3D modeling for both static terrain and dynamic objects.
  • Sensor Fusion and Calibration: Utilizes data from multiple modalities through traditional geometric and cutting-edge ML methods.
  • Planning and Controls: Ensures safe and efficient navigation to avoid rollovers, entanglements, and collisions, validated across various vehicle types and models.

The off-road stack integrates with Applied Intuition’s base software platform and supports third-party integrations, secure environment testing, and data management. Organizations can also utilize this stack alongside Applied Intuition’s definitive ADAS/AD toolchain for simulation-driven development. For more details, visit Applied Intuition Off-Road Autonomy Stack.

About Applied Intuition

Applied Intuition, established in 2017, accelerates the adoption of safe and intelligent machines globally. The company provides the definitive ADAS/AD toolchain, a world-class vehicle platform, and an off-road autonomy stack to expedite market readiness, enhance system quality, and innovate next-generation consumer experiences. Trusted by eighteen of the top twenty global automakers, Applied Intuition serves industries including automotive, trucking, construction, mining, agriculture, and defense. Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., with offices worldwide. Learn more at Applied Intuition.

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