Ansys and Sony: Boosting Automotive Sensor Simulation

Ansys has joined forces with Sony Semiconductor Solutions to enhance the simulation of image sensors in next-gen automotive tech. This collaboration aims to expedite the development of camera features crucial for autonomous vehicles (AVs) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Why It Matters

The partnership between Ansys and Sony Semiconductor Solutions is poised to reshape the automotive industry. By integrating Ansys solutions with Sony’s sensor models, this collaboration promises to revolutionize the development and validation of AV and ADAS technologies. The ability to conduct high-fidelity virtual testing will significantly reduce the reliance on time-consuming physical prototyping, accelerating time-to-market for automotive innovations.

Key Points

  • Ansys and Sony Semiconductor Solutions have partnered to enhance image sensor simulation for AV and ADAS applications.
  • This collaboration facilitates the integration of Ansys Speos with Sony’s sensor models, allowing for more precise modeling.
  • Ansys has developed a software interface compatible with Sony’s sensor models to enable high-fidelity virtual camera testing.
  • The collaboration ensures end-to-end simulation fidelity, including spectral effects, HDR, LED light flicker mitigation, and reproduction of image sensor phenomena.
  • This technology accelerates the development and validation of camera features, particularly beneficial for edge-case scenarios.

Bottom Line

The Ansys and Sony collaboration is a game-changer in the automotive industry. By leveraging advanced simulation and virtual testing, it promises faster, more reliable development of AV and ADAS technologies. This partnership will not only reduce costs and development time but also pave the way for safer and more advanced autonomous vehicles.


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