aiMotive achieves ASIL D re-certification for aiSim 5

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aiMotive, a global leader in automotive simulation technology, has achieved ISO 26262 ASIL D re-certification for its latest simulator, aiSim 5. This certification, initially obtained in 2020, underscores aiMotive’s commitment to safety and innovation in the automotive industry.

Key Highlights:

  • ISO 26262 certification re-obtained from TÜV Nord
  • Compliance with ASIL D standards
  • Coverage of 33 customer use cases for scenario-based verification and validation
  • Seamless integration with other tools and models
  • Reduction in time, resources, and costs for customers

TÜV Nord has verified that aiSim 5 adheres to ISO 26262:2018 standards for automotive safety integrity level D (ASIL D). The certification emphasizes the simulator’s physics-based aspects, complete determinism, and adherence to an end-to-end ISO 26262-compliant development process. It encompasses 33 customer use cases of scenario-based verification and validation, including the simulation of major sensor modalities and all APIs to enable seamless integration with other tools and models.

“From the first day of aiSim’s development, we had two goals: on the one hand, to create a tool that closely correlates with real-world testing, from the sensors to the entire vehicle dynamics. On the other hand, to make aiSim automotive-compliant so our customers can rely on an efficient environment simulation with open interfaces covered by the highest safety standards, making the results bit-by-bit reproducible and trustworthy.”—said Szabolcs Janky, SVP of Product for aiMotive’s software tools.

Launched in January 2024, aiSim 5 represents a significant advancement in simulation technology. Powered by AI-based content creation, optimized sensor simulation, and deterministic, reproducible environments, aiSim 5 also incorporates Automotive General Intelligence (AutoGI) to enable an unprecedented scale of virtual contents and environments available for simulation.

The certified simulator covers a wide range of use cases, from L4 automated truck sensor simulation and electric vehicle ADAS development, to complex real-time HiL simulation and adaptive scenario-based verification and validation.

About aiMotive

aiMotive is a visionary and innovative automotive technology company that provides comprehensive tooling and hardware solutions for automated driving. With a commitment to safety and performance, aiMotive is at the forefront of the automotive industry’s transformation. Following its acquisition by Stellantis in December 2022, aiMotive continues to offer its aiSim, aiData, and aiWare products to the broader market, collaborating with global OEMs and Tier1s. For more information, please visit aiMotive.

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