AIMMO has updated its “Smart Labeling” function, making autonomous driving and smart city data labeling smarter with AI

SEONGNAM, South Korea – AIMMO Co., a global leading AI and data company, has updated it’s Smart Labeling™ and inspection technology so that it automatically labels data for autonomous driving and smart city use.

AIMMO’s pioneering Smart Labeling™ and inspection technology reduce the learning data generation process. The technology comprises a Custom Model, which applies auto-labeling using existing data from a client’s project, and a Preset Model, in which machine learning is completed in advance using datasets collected by AIMMO. AIMMO is the first globally to develop these models and has been servicing them since the second half of last year.

With this update, AIMMO has greatly expanded its smart labeling support. Now AIMMO can cover 2D Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation (able to recognize a collection of pixels), Instance Segmentation (able to recognize a segmented area for each detected object), and Interactive Segmentation (automatically segmenting data with just a few clicks). These developments represent a significant strengthening and expansion of AIMMO’s capabilities.

A noticeable update is 3D Object Detection, which supports LiDAR sensor data—an essential element in autonomous driving and smart city applications. AIMMO’s sophisticated technology is capable of smart labeling while recognizing the side, back, and front of data to be collected.

Along with an update to Smart Labeling, the company has launched a new curation function able to refine projects. This function does not immediately label all the collected data but allows it to be labeled for sorting. This enables AIMMO to develop an autonomous driving model by sorting out only the necessary data as it is collected from a vehicle equipped with LiDAR and camera sensors. This greatly improves the efficiency of labeling operations.

AIMMO anticipates more accurate and cost-effective project operation as the updated function will eliminate data bottlenecks by cutting out the time wasted on managing unnecessary data and reducing the human resources and expenses involved in data labeling.

Doyle Chung, Head of Global Sales at AIMMO said, “With this update to AIMMO’s Smart Labeling™ and inspection technology, we can now provide a wider range of state-of-the-art services. Soon we will launch an additional smart labeling function with the SaaS type and data cloud linked. “Through steady R&D and AIMMO’s expertise, we will build a systematic service able to respond quickly to the variety of needs in autonomous driving and smart cities.”


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