Aeva Debuts Advanced 4D LiDAR at IAA Mobility

Aeva, renowned for its cutting-edge sensing and perception systems, is set to showcase its high-caliber 4D LiDAR technology tailored for the automotive sector at IAA Mobility 2023, taking place in Munich.

Why It Matters

IAA Mobility 2023 stands as a pivotal global platform spotlighting the future horizons of mobility, technology, and sustainability. Aeva’s presence and demonstration reinforces their commitment to pioneering next-gen solutions for the automotive landscape.

Key Points

  • Aeva’s Aeries II 4D LiDAR integrates Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) tech. This allows for simultaneous capturing of each point’s velocity alongside its accurate 3D position.
  • Unique attributes of Aeva’s FMCW technology include:
    • Immunity against interferences, like direct sunlight and other LiDAR sensors.
    • Absence of retroreflector blooming and ghosting.
  • Aeva sensors, enriched with velocity data, boast distinctive perks over traditional time of flight 3D LiDAR sensors:
    • Long Range Performance: Abilities to detect, categorize, and trail dynamic entities such as vehicles and pedestrians even from afar.
    • Ultra Resolution: Produces real-time imagery with resolution up to 20x greater than standard 3D LiDAR sensors.
    • Road Hazard Detection: Identifies minute objects on roads with higher confidence and twice the range of typical 3D LiDAR systems.
    • 4D Localization: Assesses vehicular movement in real-time using six freedom degrees, enabling precise positioning sans any external sensors.
  • The power behind Aeries II stems from Aeva’s proprietary LiDAR-on-chip tech. This compact design incorporates pivotal sensor elements and leverages silicon photonics. The absence of fiber optics combined with a highly streamlined manufacturing process ensures scalability, reduced costs, and alignment with the requirements of automotive OEMs.

Bottom Line

Aeva continues to be at the forefront of sensor technology innovations, pushing the boundaries of perception systems. Those attending IAA Mobility 2023 can experience Aeva’s breakthroughs firsthand in Hall B3 Stand F11 at the Messe München Exhibition Center. Special demo drives featuring the Aeries II 4D LiDAR are open for RSVP for selected participants at Aeva’s stand.


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