Aeva Atlas: Revolutionizing Car Safety with 4D LiDAR

Aeva unveils Atlas, the first automotive-grade 4D LiDAR sensor designed for mass production, paving the way for safer autonomous driving.

Key Points:

  • Atlas leverages Aeva’s new CoreVision chip and X1 processor for compact size, low power consumption, and enhanced performance.
  • FMCW technology provides instant velocity data, enabling superior object detection and tracking at highway speeds.
  • Aeava’s advanced perception software offers features like Ultra Resolution imaging, road hazard detection, and dynamic object tracking.
  • Production estimated to begin in 2025, with samples available to select automotive partners beforehand.

Aevas’ Atlas marks a significant leap in LiDAR technology for automobiles. Its compact design, powerful processing, and advanced features promise to revolutionize driver assistance and autonomous driving systems.

Here’s how Atlas redefines automotive perception:

  • Unparalleled safety: Instant velocity detection allows for faster, more accurate object identification and avoidance, leading to safer roads.
  • Highway-ready performance: Atlas’s extended range and superior low-reflectivity target detection ensure confident operation even at high speeds.
  • Clear perception in any scenario: Immunity to sunlight, other LiDARs, and retroreflectors guarantees reliable performance in diverse driving conditions.
  • Advanced intelligence: Aeva’s perception software extracts rich data from the 4D point cloud, enabling features like Ultra Resolution imaging and precise vehicle tracking.

Atlas’s compact size and low power consumption make it ideal for integration into various vehicle locations, paving the way for broader adoption.

Aeva’s commitment to innovation is evident in Atlas. This revolutionary LiDAR sensor has the potential to significantly improve automotive safety and accelerate the development of truly autonomous vehicles.

Visit Aeva at CES 2024 (booth #6841) to learn more about Atlas and experience the future of automotive perception.


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