Accelerating Autonomous Driving: Bosch and Arnold NextG Collaborate on Steer-by-Wire Solutions

Bosch is teaming up with startup Arnold NextG to commercialize steer-by-wire systems by mid-decade. The partnership seeks to revolutionize steering systems with innovative technology, aiding the rise of autonomous driving.

What’s Happening

Bosch and startup Arnold NextG are partnering to develop and bring steer-by-wire systems to commercial scale by the middle of the decade. They aim to leverage their joint expertise in system optimization and expedite the readiness of their solutions for the market.

Why It Matters

Steer-by-wire systems represent the future of steering. As a leading supplier of electric steering systems, Bosch’s early recognition and continuous drive for these systems signifies a critical shift in the industry. This partnership with Arnold NextG, a startup renowned for developing multi-redundant drive-by-wire systems, is poised to accelerate large-scale production of steer-by-wire solutions.

Key Points

Steer-by-wire technology severs the physical connection between the steering wheel and the vehicle’s wheels, opening up new design possibilities and safety enhancements for vehicle interiors and dynamics. Arnold NextG’s multi-redundant drive-by-wire systems have proven to expedite approval for public road usage due to their redundancy. This partnership will leverage these advantages to commercialize systems more efficiently.

Bottom Line

By combining Bosch’s expertise in large-scale production with Arnold NextG’s innovative technology, the alliance looks to speed up tests on public roads. Bosch’s acclaimed steer-by-wire system is set to become stronger with Arnold NextG’s technology, creating a vehicle-agnostic platform for drive-by-wire retrofit solutions. The partnership is expected to accelerate the development and large-scale production of steer-by-wire solutions, paving the way for advancements in autonomous driving and innovative mobility solutions.


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